About the company

NOVO-PAK is a newly established, dynamically developing production unit with huge potential
supported by its staff longstanding experience in producing plastic packaging.

NOVO-PAK is taking use of hi-tech machinery to produce by extrusion blow moulding (bottles and
containers), injection blow moulding (bottles and jars), injection moulding (caps, flip-tops and thick
wall jars) including two-colour closures as well as by injection stretch blow moulding (bottles).

NOVO-PAK guarantees high quality and capacity in plastic packaging production.

The object of our activity is to produce the highest quality packaging for the cosmetic and
pharmaceutical industries as well as for household chemical products.

Also, it is worth mentioning that we run our own tool shop allowing quick fulfillment of each new

We are eager to start co-operation !


We are proud to offer you a full range of services concerning plastic packaging production
comprising the following stages:

- 3D visualization and presenting final product in graphic programmes to support taking accurate
decision by a Customer;

- designing, performing and regenerating injection / blow / and injection-blow moulds by our own,
excellently equipped tool shop to produce in bulk articles various in shape and construction;

- producing packaging of PS, PP, SAN, PETG, ABS, PCV, HDPE, LDPE and PE by injection, blow and
injection blow moulding with automatically operated hi-tech machinery;

- decorating by screen printing, hot stamping and pad printing;

- placing seals in caps.


We propose a vast range of packaging items produced in the processes of injection moulding,
injection blow moulding, extrusion blow moulding as well as injection strech blow moulding.

Our offer comprises both standard products as well as other, worked out to satisfy individual needs
of our customers with a copyright option.

Our products include:

- Bottles and containers produced by extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding and
injection strech blow moulding of such materials as: HDPE, PET, PETG, PP.
We also produce two-layer bottles in the co-extrusion process;

- Jars produced by injection and injection blow moulding of PP, PE, SAN, PS and other composition
materials e.g. PMMA;

- Closures: put-on or spin caps and flip-top closures produced in injection and bi-injection moulding